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New layouts

Sorry I haven't been posting much here! I glance at most the posts though and everyone's work looks awesome!

Here are the past couple layouts I have done...and 1 pre-made I am trying to think about pricing and maybe attempting to sell some on Etsy.

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hehehe those are great!! i love the colors on the swimming one!!

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Thsoe are great! I love the swimming one as well, but I think the birthday one is my fave -love that background paper!

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I love these! The swimming one is my favorite. Love that frog!

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The swimming one is stunning in color execution. There really is something to say for the 4 rectangle look in the birthday one. I love the clear cuttedness of that.

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Very cute, all of them! GL on the premade.

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Fun, love the baloons.

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The frog and layout of the swimming pages is so cute! Love them all, but that's my fave. Smile