A new LO

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A new LO

This was my first time to do any stitching on a page.

Close ups of the hand-stitching:

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Stitching looks amazing. I'm so impressed. The overall page is great.

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Thanks! I really had no idea what I was doing...lol

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i agree the stitching looks awesome! im still too scared to try it! nice LO!

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great stitching!!!!

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That is sooooo cute, I love it! You did a great job on the stitching too!

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Stitching is awesome!!! Great Job! Lovely LO.

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I thought it was digital at first. It looks really really nice, great job on the stitching and just the general composition of the LO. I really like that paper too. I need to find some good stuff for my 4th of July LO.

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That is so cool! I love the distressed look of your page.

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Great job Kalee!! The stitching is perfect!!

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Awesome layout. I love the stitching and just the overall look. Very nicely done.

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Great page! The stitching looks fantastic

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This page rocks Kalee!! I'm loving everything about it! I know that stitching must have taken forever, but it's so worth it! Great layout!

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Wow, that's awesome! Really love your stitching!