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New LO

This one goes with the one I did for the cardstock only challenge. It's not a two pager, but it's also documenting the trip we took on Austin's 6th birthday to Oceans of Fun in Kansas City, MO. Anyway, it is also the last page of my second finished and VERY full scrapbook. YAY!! So get to start on my third book and am up to his first day of kindergarten pictures in September of 05!!! Which puts me close to being preggo with #2 and closer to scrapping different kids. Smile YAY!!! And this one I'm proud of cause I didn't lift it... (for once). Smile

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oooh, love the way the whole layout flows. The waves you cut are perfect!! So are all the paper choices. Great layout.

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Carrie, that looks great! And I can't wait to see what you will have going into the third book. Smile

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Love how you put the pics in the waves! Great job Smile