New LO & Card

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New LO & Card

Finally getting some work done. I've been a bit MIA because of an out-of-town trip and then an out-of-town guest. I have so many fun fall pics that I can't wait to scrap.

I didn't take these pics or put the words on them. Morgan went to a Halloween sleepover and this child's mom did the titles on the pics. They're okay although I would have put BFF instead of BBF (Best Buddies Forever)

Right side of page:

Left side of page:

Card I did, not completely happy with it but I didn't have a stamp I liked for the top (watermark effect) so I just spritzed it with some ink. Loved the ribbon though!

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The eyelets are awesome on both LOs!! I just love how you used a red piece of paper, to catch the eye. Very great! And I'm gonna scraplift (or is that cardlift ;)? ) the greeting card. I love it!

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Andie! Glad you're cropping again. Cute sleepover layout. Smile and I LOVE the card!!!!!!

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those are great

that card is elegant

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I love the sleepover LO. I like the eyelets too. I haven't used them before, but I think I might have to now! That is one gorgeous card!

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I like those pages. They are perfect for the pictures. The card is really cute, the spritzing worked well.