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new lo's

here are my recent ones...the ones using precious moments stickers are pretty simple of wayne and I as kids...wayne choose the pilot stickers and asked me to do one of his uncle bob which I think is cute that he asked Smile the canadian/british one is my fave cuz it's so us Smile the killer whale one is just a fun one cuz I had no idea what to do with those pics wayne took. I will put them in the book next to our whale watching ones once I make them

If people can't read the journaling I'm really sorry and will type it out after (let me know if you can't)...I am in a hurry but will catch up on posts later!

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I love the lo's they are great. I really love the one of he says she says... its interesting to see the differences between the two countries.

how did u two meet? If you want to divulge the story that is....

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suuuure Dirol we first met online on a christian chat room...then I was going to be moving to england for 6 months with another friend on there (who I had met in real life when she came to Vancouver)...this was in spring 2004...turned out he lived only about 5 mins away from her! So we always knew we'd meet once I was there cuz we were best buds online....we met my first night there and when we went for a walk so he could show me his childhood home, house etc he reached out and held my hand (which he swore he'd never do with any girl cuz he said no one in england held hands lol)....I melted and we have been together ever since! lol

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Those turned out really great!

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oh I love these. they are so fun! I love the he said/she said one the best. I love the words he uses, I told my birth board that I was going to start saying dummy, bum and trolly in my real life and see what people said because I love those words so much lol.

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LOVE the he said/she said page and the Uncle Bob page is very nice also. You have very nice lo's Smile

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The Uncle Bob layout is my favorite! Great job on it! The He Said, She Said page is fantastic too. Great idea for a page. And clever title on the Karen's Killerwhales page.

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Great pages! I really like the Uncle Bob one and the He Said She Said is so much fun - great idea!

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Those are great LO's. I love your use of sticker's, not to overdone. I really like the Uncle Bob page and the title for the killer whales! I love using stencils for titles!

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Those are great. I love the he said she said page. I'm thinking that would be cute as a page of real words and baby babble words. I may steal that idea. I hope you don't mind.

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WOW! so many great l/o! it's tough to pick a favorite.


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What a cute idea to do the he says, she says page! That's too cute! Love the killer whale page too!

TFS your story! How sweet! Biggrin

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I love the he said she said page. Great idea.

My DH and mine would look like this

Rubber band /Hair thingy
Fancy black dress shoes/ Shoes are shoes aren't they?
Copper pot/Use whatever's in the dishwasher

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Love, Love, Love the she says, he says page! What a great idea and LO!!!

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Thanks everyone ! Biggrin Shelly I don't mind at all. Can't wait to see yours!