New LO's!

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New LO's!

Gosh, I feel like I scrapbook way too much! LOL

Sorry for the quality, it takes way too much time to get them back out of the sheet protector and get them back in. LOL

Another favorite of mine...

Feel like it's missing something, but there's not much room for anything....ideas?

This one IS missing something! Help?! (Journaling, most of you will say...LOL)

I was stuck on this page FOREVER!!! This was before our trip to the lake...

I like this turned out cute.


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very nice i like the first one its beautiful you have done a great job.

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Nice pages!!!!!

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There is never such a thing as too much scrapbooking!! Wink LOL

You did really fantastic on these!!! On the 4th layout, I think you already know the answer... Wink Journaling would be great to fill in that space. But it's a lovely page anyways.
On the A Boy's Life page (super cute BTW) you could always add a little tab, brad or something on the edge of one of the photos to add a little pop, if you feel it needs something.

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Love them all Aja. The fat lip one is great!!! TFS

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"K9Trainer" wrote:

Love them all Aja. The fat lip one is great!!! TFS

Same here!

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I love the aunt kristen one how you have the title over the ribbon. It looks like he adores her!

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I love that aunt one, great composition! For the ones you think are missing something .... the beach one - obviously journalling, but a bucket & shovel sticker or flip flops sticker would also do good there, or a sticker/embellie of one of those beach balls. For the 3rd one, that's harder, cuz like you say not much room left ... I would add names & dates and maybe another one of the ribbons (paper strips? hard to tell in the picture) along the left border to tie it all together? Just thinking out loud... with my fingers lol.

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On the beach one you need to say something about his butt crack hanging out ROFL its too cute not to! Love all the pages. And you're speaking to the wrong crowd about too much scrapping!!! There is no such thing here Wink

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Those are beautiful!!!!!!!! Great job!!

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They are all great, but I love the last one best. Did you use a cricut for the title?

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Great pages Aja! I love that you scrapped his fat lip!

For your "summer days" page, could you create some waves out of some blue paper to layer onto the bottom?