New LOs!

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New LOs!

The kids were at daycare for the day so DH and I cleaned the garage then I had lots of scrap time!~ Here is what I completed today:

A LO about my son:

A page o about our wedding. This is the first dance. ( I have been married for 5 years but I just started scrapping the pics at Christmas).

A LO about my 31st b-day party in June. I kept it simple and let the pics tell the story.

Thanks for looking!!

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Great job! I especially like the two page spread! Nicely done and I love the colors you chose for that. Biggrin

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Wow, those are great! I especially love the wedding one. TFS

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Your pages are awesome!!
I love the wonderful page.. Biggrin

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i like them all!!! very good job!

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beautiful work! You inspired me and gave me some great ideas. Smile I especially love the first lo!

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How nice! I like the two page spread too, I dont ever do that, I should. Maybe now I will Wink Great job!

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Great pages!
I love the wedding one. Is that actual stitching around the photos?

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Those are great! I love the buttons on the first one.

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Great lo's I like them all! I like the stitching on your wedding lo

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those are great!!!!! I bought some of those words like your "wonderful" and I like how you used yours. I need to use mine. Wink

I love how you used so many pictures on your birthday page. and your first dance page is pretty cool!

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great pages!! i love the wedding one... i like how the pictures are on an angle.. something different! Smile

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Great LOs! I really like the first one with the row of buttons down the side. Smile

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AWWW That looks so AWESOME!