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New LOs!

I have had some inspiration since going to Archivers yesterday and also from getting new prints of my little guy.

This one I did last night:

and this one I just finished, it took me forever but I think its one of my best so it was worth it. I'm really digging bright colors lately:

This one I posted elsewhere in my nursery thread so I'll just do a thumbnail:

This one was posted in the water challenge sticky:

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WOW! Nice lo's! Love the mobile one!!! Great colors!

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you've been very busy!! i especially like the mobile page. what a fun thing to document, and i love how you made a mobile! Kaelan is such a cutie!

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lovin the bright colors as well!!! too cute!!

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All 4 of those are new faves of yours'!! I love them all!!

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The first are pretty, but I am really diggin' the second. such pretty colors and details. Smile

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Did you make that mobile by hand or is that a cut out of some kind? Such great work. My new faves of yours. You're getting better and better. Love those colors also. TFS

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LOVE the bright colors! It's so nice to see nice, bright pics with your little guy. Smile

Your mobile one is really, really cute! I love it! Smile

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Those are so cute!! I love the mobile one too, it's gorgeous. Biggrin

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I can't take credit for the mobile itself it is a Jolees sticker. Everything else on there is hand done (or printed) but not the mobile.

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Love the squares on the mobile page. Very colorful!

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You're working with some great colors lately! I really love all the little blocks, they're super cute!

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oh, more great layouts from you! love the mobile one, how creative!!!!

and the family hospital one is so sweet ... your DH looks so young! Wink

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Those are great!! I especially like the second one. You've got some great colors in those!

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