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New LO's

Hi ---

Well, I've been on the scrapping strike because Kira's bday was 7/10 and we celebrated with her party on 7/15 and of course I'm one of those Harry Potter fans and had to read the book this weekend but in between the 2 I was able to get some layouts done!!!!

Here they are:

In the picture above dh, me and kira - there is a little card with a ribbon that you pull up and it gives Kira's stats and developments at 5 months

She took her first steps at the photographers for her 1 yr pics and I had to scrap it. I didn't do anything fancy becuase I just wanted her picture as the main attraction.

This was hard, there were so many pictures I wanted to include. But I think it came out really cute.

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I really like all 3 of them! I LOVE her first steps one. I haven't tried to do one picture on a page. I want to, but I am afraid to. Your's turned out awesome!

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I love the first steps page too - very simple! I also like the easter pages, you did a great job fitting a lot of pics on there!

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Wow, those are all great!! How cute that she took her first step at the photography place, too. That's perfect!

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They are great pages. I'm impressed you got any done, I haven't done any and probably won't until I'm done reading HP. Smile

That is so neat that you captured her first step at a studio like that. Lol

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those are great!! love the layout for the first steps.. great way to keep it simple Smile

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Great job! I love the easter one!

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I love the first step one too. They really are great! TFS

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OMGoodness those are SO CUTE!!!!!!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the first step one! They all look amazing!

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Wow, those first two are so detailed! I love them! And how you have the pull-out card telling her stats. So cool. Great job on them all!

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Great job! I like them all, but I really love the Christmas LO!

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fantastic pages! I love the Christmas page, and that paper is great. (I have a Christmas l/o on my list, and I'm looking for paper for it - I might have to find the kind you have!). how clever of Kira to take her first step for the camera like that. Wink very cute! and the Easter page is awesome, I love how you fit so many pictures!!!