New LO's with cricut

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New LO's with cricut

So I got a cricut a couple of weeks ago and I played a lot before I attempted a LO. Here are the 1st LO's I did using the cricut. I need to figure out a good way to get letters on straight. It did not go well with either LO. I don't ever remember having so much trouble before Wink


Thanks for looking! Smile

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I had trouble with getting the letters on, not using the actual cricut. The cricut works great!!!! I Love it!!! Biggrin

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Those are simply adorable! I love the valentine's one! I love how you laid it all out! Good job!

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I like the Valentine's one too! Can't wait to see more work from that cricut!

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those are so good. I would love to have a cricut! I am jealous. lol.

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Great job! The Valentines one is adorable!

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Seriously, those are great, I hardly noticed the lettering being off at all, especially in the valentine one. That one looks great, those are great pics. And I LOVE the snowman on the first one, was he part of the cricut?

As far as getting the letters to go on straight, I really have no suggestions for you, as I have the same trouble myself.

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Oh, they came out great. I love the Valentines lettering! Your layouts are great.

I'm not much help on getting the letters staight, I have the same trouble and I do digital!

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Those look awesome. What carts did you use?