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    Hi ---

    Oh I did get quite a bit done this weekend at the crop and had a blast. It's put on by a mom's group in my SIL's hometown so I usually have to drive an hour to get there. But it is worth it - Adult female conversation, no baby tugging on my leg. And Kira survived with dh for the day too, except I think he over fed her -- her diapers was so full Sunday morning it had overflowed.

    Anyways the pages,

    dad and me -- the journaling just tells Kira how she squeals with delight when dh comes home afterwork and she goes running to him. The quote is something about "I have the best dad in the world". That's not the exact words. It was so funny this was my first 2 pages I worked on, and it took me 4 hours. And basically all I did was recopy my xmas page set up (do you remember that one). Took a while to get into the grove but then I kicked booty and cranked out a few pages.

    Backward moves -- journaling talks about how Kira would crawl backwards and she would get fustrated on not being able to move forwards. I was uncertain about the lo of the title but I liked it, not too bad.

    this is my favorite page. The pic actually doesn't do it justice because you can't really see how I distressed each sheet of paper. Basically I took black ink stamp pad and darkened all the edges around each of the pages. Then to make the pics stand out, I framed them in a small white frame. Actually everyone at the crop kept asking to see the page because it turned out so cute.

    Summertime: just simple and basic.

    I did another 2 pg lo but I was running late for work this morning and didn't take the pics. I also want to "finish" that one, it is missing something (color). The lo was my dh's college graduation - black and red were the colors and it all looks run together so I need to add some pizzazz to it to make the pics jump out.

    So I got quite a bit done but not as much as I thought I would but when you get talking with people you get distracted
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    mY FAVE is the red one too! I've been waiting on your LO's from this trip and the distressing shows up beautifully! Looks like you got a lot done. Wish I wasn't so swamped w/ school b/c all I want to do is scrap right now LOL.

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    Oh, they're all great!!! My faves are the first two page LO and the red one. Thry are awesome!!
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    It looks like you got a fair bit done! Yay for baby-free time!!

    I really like the beach LO.

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    Beautiful pages! You do great work.

    Love the red one too but they are all awesome.
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    Glad you had a good time! The pages all look great - the Steps one is fantastic!

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    the all day thing sounds great. I'd drive for something like that. And I'm the same way, the first layout takes me the longest, it's a combination of being chatty and needing the time to get into the groove. anyhow, your pages look great!!!! love the Steps page, and the Daddy & Me is so cute!!!! great job!
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    great work! im impressed

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    those are great!!
    that steps one is too cute

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    WOW!!! Those look much better than my DDs baby book! Very classy! I love the beach pic of the bikini - so dang cute!!!

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