new LOs since the virtual crop

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new LOs since the virtual crop

So I wasn't able to do as much as I wanted during the crop, but since then, I have tried to keep chugging along. Here are some new LOs from the last week...

journaling: on 7/12/08 you and mommy went to the pittsburgh babywearing meeting to learn how to use the ring sling better. they helped us learn this tummy-to-tummy position. you were really comfy being carried like this.

journaling: even if you were very sleepy, if there was something going on you had to look around to check it out. you fought sleep just to be nosy! This was taken 8/24/08 at Erik's 30th birthday party at north park. you would not sleep!
(I got the clustered flowers idea from the page about still getting butterflies that was posted during the crop...I think it was Kelly's)

journaling: for your first halloween you dressed up as a dragon. you spent halloween in virginia with mommy, grandma and grandpa. you visited some neighbors and helped give out candy. you even met mommy's friend Kim (but we forgot to take pictures). The costume didn't stay on long because it was pretty warm.

journaling: for your first Christmas, Mommy and Daddy sent special cards to everyone with your picture on them. mommy and daddy took the pictures themselves. You looked so cute! Then mommy designed the cards. Everyone loved the personal touches of this card.

journaling: before you went to see santa, you needed a bath. you had recently started taking baths in the big tub. you loved to play with your toys and splash...a lot. we couldn't resist taking pictures of looked so cute.

(not sure what the journaling says...too small to tell on here and the LO is upstairs)

thanks for looking! sorry to overwhelm with so many at once...I can only be patient with photobucket once in a while Wink

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great LO'S!!! love the pumpkin one and the hangin around one!!!

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you've been busy since the crop! love the baby wearing layout, I wear Jack all of the time, i totally should do a layout. and I have that tree paper too, it's cool to see it used cause I have no idea what to do with it.

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You've got some great layouts there. You have a great way with arranging the page so they are all fresh. Mine tend to look a lot alike if I do them all at once. I definitely think I might use some of the sketches for inspiration.

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Posts: 4065 have been busy. I also love that tree paper, and you used it well. And I agree that all your pages are different, which can be hard to do when you do them all together. TFS

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Those are great! I love the baby wearing one-gave me an idea for a page Blum 3

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I love the bath time one and how you arranged the letters on it.

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those rock Biggrin i'm loving the baby wearing one too

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1. I love the tree paper and your leaf with the ribbon. GREAT layout.

2. Very nice design. Great titles too.

3. the smiling pumpkin brought a smile to my face! So cute!

4. LOVE the stitching on this!!

5. Probably my favorite here. I love the rounded corners and the offset title.

6. Great use of one bracket to highlight the journaling! Great colors too.

TFS! You've been so busy. You did great.

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Wow! Great pages! You got tons accomplished. Smile

I love the hanging around page! I like how you added a leaf into the title.

And I like how you used the blue and white on your Christmas double layout.


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Wow - great work! I love the tree motiff of the first one and I really like the 2-page Christmas LO - nice and neat and clean.

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Great LOs!! You have been very busy! I take forever to do a page paper scrapping! I love doing it....but I am so slow....!

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They all look great but I especially like the water baby one and the tree LO.

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I love the water page. The colors just make it pop. I also really like the baby sling page. I like that you did lots of journaling, it makes the pages wonderfly personal.