New LO's (Splash Pad & Shadow Room)

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New LO's (Splash Pad & Shadow Room)

These are the layouts that I've worked on the past couple of nights. They aren't anything crazy but I like them.

Shadow Room - there is a room at a kid's science center here that is a shadow room. You stand against the wall for 10 seconds and then the lights are turned off. The wall glows and where you were standing holds your "shadow".

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I thought I posted to this LOL These layouts are AMAZING! The pictures are fabulous! TY for sharing!

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Man o man these are good! I love your use of color and shapes.
Very nice work! Thanks for showing us!! Smile

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love the red mats behind the pictures.. subtle but matches the splash pad colours, etc... love all your background papers as well... how you 'tilt' them Smile

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They look great! I love the page with the girls running under the rings. And I love your "shadow man" Smile

And what a fun park!

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Wow, I LOOOVE them all!! You are so very creative. I need to learn to do cool things like that with paper scrapping. I especially like the lettering for the shadow room one. So perfect!

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Andie, those are great! I love the angled paper you used in the splash pad pages. And that shadow room looks awesome!!!! I am so happy to see you cropping so much!!!!!! (btw, it is Gwen, not Carole here)


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Those are just so adorable! I love your shadow man too! He is just too cute. I love how your pages are simple, but it is the pictures that attract you! Good job!

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Yay, more paper pages. Wink These are really great! I love how you did the journaling boxes. tfs.

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I LOVE the look of the pages with the pics of the girls running through the rings. So cool. I'm truly impressed with all the pages!

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They are great. Fun pages and colors.

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cute pages