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New name

Hey Girls!!

I have been trying to get on in the last couple of days and just haven't been able to get on. I can't remember my password and I can't remember the email that I used

My Old user name use to be SamanthaX3

So I decided to create a new username since I have 4 children instead of 3 anyways.

Hopefully I don't forget my password this time

Time to go make a new signature.


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I hope you don't forget your password too! LOL

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lol, I hope you dont forget it again. I would be uppppppset if I had to get a new name. I have had this one so long.

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I also had to set up a new account. I was always getting locked out so I just made a new account. If anyone pm's me do it to this name cause I can't get into my old one Tia