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A new one

Here is my latest layout! The journaling says "Walt was so proud of his new sitting skills - finally a better view of the world! We always kept him surrounded by pillows in case of wipe-outs"

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oh, cute page!

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thats great!!

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Adorable!! He looks pretty sturdy too!

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That just made some sweet memories of Ruthie come flooding back and now I am in tears! Oh how they grow so fast. Sad

I LOVE the colors of the page and how it is simple, but elegant. Well done! TFS!

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That made me smile instantly! What a great page! To me, that is what scrapping is all about...little memories like that.

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OH my. I love the page. It is simple, pretty, and perfect.

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Great page!! I LOVE digi pages where I have to really look to see if it is paper or not.
Love the colors too. What a great combo!