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new page!

Scrapped a couple of the apple picking photos. not too sure if i love this LO. does it need more?

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I think it's really cute! I love the paper especially!

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Yeah, that paper is great! I like the LO; I don't think it needs anything!! Smile

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I think it's great! Love how the picture fades into the paper. Very good job!

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I don't think it needs anything, either. Love the soft edges on the one photo with it duplicated and matted.

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ooooh, the "twine" was the perfect touch! Such a cute page!

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i like it the way it is! the paper is so perfect!

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I think it is PERFECT!
I love everything about it!

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oh, I really love how you did the "inset" photo. nice page!

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I think it's perfect! Love that paper!

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I already replied to the other one but I really LOVE this one. The faded edges of the larger photo look amazing and the photo itself is so cool.