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New page

Look, look! I'm sharing a page before I have a gazillion of them! Actually, it's Kelly's fault, her post reminded me to Smile

So you only get 1 layout to look at :eek:

It made the Gallery Standout blog on Monday Smile It is for ADSR, challenge 9 Smile

I have not scrapped since Sunday - we have had my mil here all week. I am hoping to get some stuff done this weekend (I have some CT and magazine deadlines I have to get done!)

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that looks really cute! I love how the smaller pic is b&w but the bigger one is colour

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that's most excellent! great job! and what a cute picture of her. Smile

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its awesome! i love seeing baby pics of her! shes all grown up in your siggy pic!

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Awesome layout, congrats! Hope you're able to scrap this weekend and meet your deadline!

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Another great one! Congrats on making the standout girl and hope you get some stuff done this weekend!

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I love it! I was looking at it forever thinking how I could lift it in paper? I might give it a try Smile

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Ugh. You make me sick. Blum 3

So cute, as usual! You have some of the most fun, adorable pictures of K!

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Love all the design towards the one side like this. I'd love to lift it!

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"captainswife" wrote:

that looks really cute! I love how the smaller pic is b&w but the bigger one is colour

I was thinking the same thing. I'm going to try that on paper.

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