New page. :)

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New page. :)

You've seen the picture in my other thread, but here is the page. I'm slowing working on her scrapbook. It's SO HARD not to scrap every picture!!! LOL So i'm forcing myself to scrap 1 'month' page, and 2other random pictures from the month. I need to add "2 months" to this page but I am having a hard time finding a font/alpha that I like.

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She's adorable! and I love the page too!

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That is very cute. I say scrap them all :p. You can scrap them all and only print what you love love love if you want.

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Yep, I'm with Angie. If you do digital, why not scrap them all and then only print what you really love. She's adorable girl and that LO rocks!!

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Very pretty LO! So cute and feminine and shows off that picture really well. Smile

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Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!! I love thisssssssssssss!!! And thats my fav. Photo from the other thread!!! :d

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AWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! Love it. I don't know how you can limit yourself to 3 a month!