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New page from me

ARgh! Stupid post monster just ate my post.

Here is my first page as a Honey Bee at Scrap Orchard. I have to scrap fast, I have to get my month's requirement (3 pages) done before Sunday when we leave on holidays. I also have another new CT I have to get 3 more pages done by that day ...

It's going to take me a bit to catch up on all the new threads from this weekend while I was away, but I thought I'd share my page anyways Smile

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Wow, lots to get done! Love your new page. Seriously, it is a great start for your CT.

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awww... what a cute layout! perfect picture for the quote... i like the color combo as well!

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"LindieLu" wrote:

awww... what a cute layout! perfect picture for the quote... i like the color combo as well!

Me too! They are so soft and warm.

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Wow, you will be busy!!! But it's all good yes??? LOL

Love the soft colors of this LO too. Very nice!

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LOVE it!!

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So pretty! What a great picture of K, too. And can I tell you that I love the new siggy pic, too? Her hair is getting so long!

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What a beautiful page to start out with! I love the colors and the bird. Smile

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JUst perfect!!!! Your pages are like icecream I just LOVE them!

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oh, that's really nice! wanna make a QP of it for me? Wink I really love the colors.

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Great LO, love the colors and that photo is very beautiful indeed. You are one busy scrapping lady but I'm sure you're loving it.

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Beautiful page as always Trina! LOVE the colors!

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Trina, ignore my PM, found it. Wink will send you an email in a couple of days, gotta get through tomorrow first.