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New pages

Now that I finally have our wedding scrapbook done, I am determined to finish the kids 1st year books. I am only 4 years behind:rolleyes: So here are the latest ones that I have done. It is slow going right now since we don't have central air my scrap room often stays closed and it is NASTY hot in there. So I tend to avoid that area which makes me sad, but I have been getting other projects done in the meantime.
Anyway... here they are.
These two pages are from the last night we all had together before my brother and his family moved to California. (July 2006)

Claire wanted Daddy's cake:) Aug 2006

DS1 in Jan 2008

Day at the zoo May 2008


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these are great! the zoo one is my fave!

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That adorable ladybug in the first layout is perfect with all the rounded edges. The desin on the 3rd layout is fantastic. I likehow you took and mattedthe one black and white photo to make it pop. Awesome work!

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You did all those in a room with no AC?? Wow! You are amazing. Smile Love them all, but my faves is the zoo pages. Great work Lena!

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You have been busy! They are all cute but I really like the Pack page.

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how cute! loving the snail on the first one. and the zoo layout is my favorite of the bunch. Smile

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Wow! I really like them! We have a similar style except you actually get yours done. LOL My fave is the Packers layout. We are college football people and I can totally scraplift that one for an Alabama layout. Thanks for sharing!

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Great pages! I gotta say that I love the Go Pack, Go one! Smile