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New Pages!!

Thanksgiving 2010:

A Christmas Party:

My 23rd Birthday:

Thanks for lookin Smile
now to get those last minute craft gifties done!!!

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GREAT pages girl! i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that first Thanksgiving page...the colors, all of it. So cool! And you look amazing girl! I am so impressed with how hard you've worked at your weight loss. Amazing!! What are you doing? Working out more, on a special diet?? What's your secret? You look great! TFS

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Great pages. Love all of them really.

You really do look great. Glad you made the choice to do what you wanted to do. Hope all is well and you are enjoying the holidays.

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Just catching up on older posts ... these are great, Beckie! Love that first one! And your birthday looks like a lot of fun. Smile

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I love the first one, the font works perfectly.

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These are great LOs! Smile And I agree...the colors in the Thanksgiving one are beautiful! Smile