New pages and house update

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New pages and house update

What a crazy week! We listed our house on Monday night, and sold it Wednesday night!!! :eek: We spent Thursday looking at houses and we found one we really like, so today we put an offer on it. After going a few times back and forth we settled on a price with the sellers, and now it's ours (well, after the conditions are met). I really love the new house! It's 5 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1200 sq feet each level (it's a bilevel). The basement needs carpet and ceiling, but the hard part (framing, drywall, etc) is done. We get possession May 17th, and we're going to spend a week painting and finishing the stuff in the basement, then move in ... it's crazy how fast things are going!

Anyways, that's an update on our situation - this month is going to be very busy, and nerve wracking til conditions are met on our house (financing, inspection) and until we're 100% on our new mortgage.

Here are some of the pages I can now post though- I've only done 1 page all week.

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Wow Trina! That's so awesome your house sold that fast. Good for you and congrats! Your new house sounds great and I hope you'll share pics with us. I hope it all goes well for you. Purchasing a new home takes a lot of patience, so hang in there. Smile

Your LOs are awesome, I especially love that first one. TFS

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congratulations on the new house! Wow, that all went so quick!:eek: Praise God! Your new home sounds great. 5 rooms?! YAY!!

The frog layout is sooo adorable! I want to lift that one. Smile You need a boy of your own, so we can see more boyish layouts from you. Wink I get so much inspiration from your posts. I love the Zoodles layout too!!

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How exciting about your new house!

I love your LO's. I really like the zoo animals in the last LO. Where did you find them?

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Congrats on the new house!

I love all your LO's - the gray/orange one caught my eye the most though. Such a different color scheme and the b/w photo really pops.

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wow your house sold fast! yes I agree about sharing pics of the new house Smile

Love the LOs

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WOW! What a crazy week!! Congrats on the sale and the new home!! Woah!! Great pages too!! Love the frog one!

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Wow! Congrats on selling your house so fast! That's nuts!!!

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I'll post pics of the new house as soon as we get possession of it Smile

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Congrats on the house! That's totally amazing that things moved so fast for you! Good luck doing all the packing and that sort of fun stuff. Wink

Love the LOs! I've eyed up that first kit because it's such fun bright colors. But I really love the color combo of the gray one.


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hehehehehe i just love the "zoodles" LO!!!
and i totally want that kit you made kenners page with!

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Beautiful layouts! Congrats on your new home!

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AWESOME news on the house! That's amazing that it sold so fast and you found one you love so fast! GREAT! Can't wait to see some photos of it!

I am loving the new LOs. The one of your hubby is so sweet. I need to lift that one. The frog LO is great. Love the colors, and of course the frogs!

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whoo hoo on the new house! that's so exciting!!! sounds like a big house!

and cute pages for sure. LOVE the greatest blessing one, beautiful!