New pages! (pic heavy)

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New pages! (pic heavy)

I've had a busy week! I thought I'd post these before I forget - I have a busy weekend, with Thanksgiving this weekend and I'm supposed to be doing the market tomorrow, but if it's as cold tomorrow as it is today, there's no way I'm standing outside for 6 hours (and it's supposed to snow some more - ick). Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadians!

Anyways, here are my newest pages (there's a bunch)

This is a non-CT layout, but it was for a challenge to use the font I did 'princess' in.

This is a CT layout for a designer I'm a guest CT member for:

Another one for a challenge

I did this one earlier in the week and forgot to post it

(I didn't link any of them for credits, if you want to know something, let me know)

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They look awesome. You make amazing pages!

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the Life Live Dream layout is my favorite of this bunch. I love the color matching.

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Wow!!! I love them all. They are all just stunning!!

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love love love!