New pages (Very Pic Heavy)

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New pages (Very Pic Heavy)

These last few weeks have been so busy, I haven't had time to post much - but my parents are coming back next weekend, so I am looking forward to having some extra time. I've also been doing the amazing digi-scrap race, which is 2 layouts a week and taking a lot of time and thought!

Anyways, here are a bunch of new pages!

I did this for ADSR, the challenge was to use a two-tone background and the word Someday.

Another ADSR page, my bucket list:

Daddy & Katie

My everything

Picture Perfect

This one is for me - another ADSR page

He Said/She Said - our fave words, 2010

Chocaholic (ADSR page)

TWeet I Love you

Blue Jean Baby

You are my world

Sunshine Girl

LIttle Miss Attitude

Tutu Cute

1st Bikini

Phew. Ok, that's a lot of pages. Sorry to dump them all on you all at one time!

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I absolutely love your style! All these are so great!

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Holy schmoly girl, have you been busy! You should've posted these sooner so I could scraplift you for the challenge, haha! AWESOME work, I love em all! I need to know where you get your kits! Great job! Smile

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Holy cow!!! Where to start on all this greatness?? I really love them all, but really lingered over the first and third one. The first one: Love the colors, the dress, the needle, all of it, just a really cool LO in general. The third one: that one is just amazing IMO...the pics are great, love the embellishments you added, love everything about it. The blue jean dress one really caught my eye too cause of the darling. Your style is just so unique girl and I love seeing your work. TFS

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These are all so great! Wow. I don't ever know what to say because your layouts are always so nice! I really like the My everythingpage, but as usual they are all amazing!

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LOVE!!!! thats all i have to say.
ok that was a lie... i also have to say that
i love the he said she said LO a lot. very cool idea
and tutu cute... hehehe what a great title!!! Biggrin

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"Beertje" wrote:

Holy schmoly girl, have you been busy! You should've posted these sooner so I could scraplift you for the challenge, haha! AWESOME work, I love em all! I need to know where you get your kits! Great job! Smile

I really should start posting credits, I'm lazy that way. 75% of the stuff I use comes from Scrap Orchard - since I'm on their site CT, I have free access to it and I really love the products too, so it's a good thing! I CT for a few other people too. For buying stuff, I can't pass up a kit by Kristin Rice (K-studio, after five designs), Bella Gypsy Designs (elemental scraps), Creashens (catscrap), Joyce Paul (mscraps) ... those are my faves anyways Smile

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some really cool pages here! I love the chocoholic and the sunshine girl ones best Biggrin

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i love your pages! i cant even choose a fave..

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I could not even pick a fave if I tried! Those are all so great. What a treat to see a post from you with so many pages! love it

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WOW!!! What a treat!!!!!!!!!!!! If I TRIED to pick a favorite it might be the Daddy and K page! So sweet, but truly, I don't think I could pick a fave. You amaze me.

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I have looked at this thread about 10 times, but thanks to my children have never been in a position to reply till now.

Of course I totally love them all. Sooo many good layouts here. The first one totally rocks. LOVE that kit. The one that really stands out for me is the picture perfect one. Outstanding composition and your shadowing rocks!! But they are all just totally wonderful. As always Smile

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um, that's a LOT of pages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could get a quarter of what you get done. loving them all though. the fave words layout is great! and I love the one with you as a kid (I always enjoy those, and think it's neat that you do them.). But I think Picture Perfect is my favorite of this set ... if you were to make me pick a favorite, that is. Wink Awesome layouts!

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Gwen - I have 1/4 of the children lol Smile

Thanks ladies, your comments always make my day!