New to SB board just wanted to share first layout in a year

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New to SB board just wanted to share first layout in a year

I finally got a chance to sit down and scrap today. I only accomplished on page LOL. But at least I have the baby's started. I wrote a poem for him as though it sounds like we don't know he's a he. But I like the whole "it's a boy" to be reserved for the actual birth page.

The poem says....

A baby is coming oh what could it be?
Will we call you he or will you be she?
For now we will wait to find out patiently
And hope you arrive very strong and healthy
But grow now my precious, sweet, little baby
I know when you're ready you'll come to meet me.

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Very cute and simple. Well done! Glad to see you pop in here!

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Yeah I pulled out a bunch of embellishments and 3D stuff, but when it came down to it, simplicity was the key to this one. You can't really see the pics are triple matted in the photo, but there is a tiny thin mat of pink between the yellow and the blue.

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So pretty!!! Glad you joined us. The poem on that page was just perfect.

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welcome to the board and to scrapbooking Smile

great page

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oh, I love double/triple matting. Smile simple really does work for this page, and the poem is really cute. welcome to the board, can't wait to see more from you!

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Haha, I just noticed the shadow on the bottom right corner. I don't have a scanner so I have to take a picture w/ my dig camera instead. The shadow is my pregnant belly ROFL!

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I really like it. I agree that simplicity was great, especially since you wrote that beautiful poem. I like it a lot. Great way to start off your return to scrapbooking!

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Very cool - simple is GREAT! Love the poem! Welcome to the board!

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I love it! And what a cute, creative poem. My favorite is the pregnant belly shadow, though!! ROFL

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Aww that is almost exactly like my ultrasound page except I have plain pink in the background!

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Very cute page and great poem!
Welcome to the board Smile

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That's such a cute page! I love the poem!

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Nice! Good for you for getting started early. I wish I would've done that. Now I'm just going to start a bin & put all my things to scrapbook in it until I actually have some time to get around to it!

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Haha! Have I mentioned I JUST did my son's first birthday layout? .... He's going to be 4 this month. Bwahahahahaha!

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that's a good layout!! simple is the way to go! i love the triple matting! Smile

hmmm your son is 4 and you just did his first.... cool Wink i don't feel so bad for being so behind on jeena's pages at 18 months Wink

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I loved it! I hope you find more time to scrap.