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New to Scrapbooking

So, I've decided that I need to have a hobby, and I want to start scrapbooking. Any tips to start? What supplies are essential?

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Would you like to do paper or digital scrapping?

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Welcome! You picked a great time to join. We are having a virtual crop this weekend so there are always great ideas you can life.

I am a paper scrapper so that's all I know. There is a sticky that has all kind of useful information. Basically for paper scrapping you need: paper, cutting device (trimmer, scissors, etc) adhesive and photos. Everything else is up to personal taste. Some like buttons, ribbons, flowers, diecuts, and all kinds of stuff. If you see something that someone did that you like, just ask them how they did it.

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Check out our sticky - Scrapbooking Intro - it will help you deciding what you need and if you want to do digital or paper. I'm a digi girl, but we have a great mix on this board of both paper and digital scrappers. For digital you need a good photo editing program and a big hard drive (for all the 'supplies' you download) LOL. If you have any questions, just ask!

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Hello and welcome!! So glad you joined! There are a good mix of both digital and paper girls on here, so hopefully we can help get you started. And please jump right into the Crop this'll gain so much help and ideas.

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Welcome!!! We all do things so different, but it all boils down to whether or not you want digital or paper as PP already told you. But there are differences too even in those. Smile NOt to confuse you more. Smile This is a GREAT place to get info, ideas, and support that's for sure.

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Welcome to the board. The only advice I have is to HAVE FUN!!!!!

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HI Kim! Welcome!
The only advice I have (for paper) is to not buy every beautiful piece of paper, stickers, etc. that you see! Plan your pages out, it will save you a ton of money! I have paper upon paper that I will probably never use because I just had to have it!!