New side of the DH (OT, XP)

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New side of the DH (OT, XP)

OMG! So we are attending a wedding on July 10th. This is wedding is basicallly Cart's "sister". For this wedding I had to go buy a dress which I wasn't thrilled about. I went to Ross and browsed the racks. I picked 8 dresses. I tried them all on...some made it to the He*L no category, some the maybe and 1 the ooooohhhh I really like that. After I tried them all on I tried ont he oooohhh I really like that dress again. And decided I'd buy it as a maybe just in case Cart didn't like it.

I got home and laid the dress on the bed because the bride, MIL and bride's mother were coming over to work on wedding "crafty" stuff. Cart got home and came out of the room and said is that for the wedding? He said I really like that. Like he really really really likes it. He even went so far to say for me to go buy some 'sexy' under garmets to wear and not show him until after the wedding.

I'm so shocked. I've never seen this side of him in the years we've been together.

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Nice! I really really want to see this dress too now! I think you need to take the undergarmet shopping for serious and surprise dh!

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I am taking the undergarmet shopping serious. I'm going to VS on Saturday. Smile

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LOL! Too funny. Maybe because the dress was laying on the bed....kwim? Lol I want to see this dress too. Can you link us to it online?

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Yes link us or try it on and take a pic! hehe

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that's awesome! Smile but I demand to see a picture.

and you just reminded me that I still haven't tried on the dresses I have for a wedding I'm going to a week from Saturday. ack!

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I took a pic with my phone but it won't email it to me.. So it will have to wait until tomorrow Sad

I don't think I can find a link to the dress either because I bought it at Ross.

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I want to see a pic too, but I want to see it on you! LOL Seriously, I bet it's gorgeous. I love the idea of buying new undergarments as a surprise. In 20 years I've NEVER done that. Smile Hmmmm....

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i cant wait to see a pic!

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Wow! That is awesome Smile

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Wow! Can't wait to see this killer dress!
Definitely surprise him with what's under it too;)

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Am i the only one who wants photos of you modelling the sexy undies???? Wink