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I am new to this board.. I love to scrapbook but i have never done an online type of one so I was just wondering what all do you do/ talk about here. I saw a thread about cards and was just wondering if anyone wanted to fill me thanks

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We share ideas, share our pages (scanning them in, digital, or take picture of them) and do fun swaps. We chat about other things too. Basically all of us have this same hobby in common so we just hang out together and have fun!!!

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Welcome! If you hang around with us you get lots of ideas for scrapbooking - both paper and digital. We love to share our pages too.

As for actual activities on the board - we have the card swap as you saw, we also have challenges that you can participate in if you want. Those are every few weeks and the winner (we vote on our favorite) chooses the next topic. Those are great for making you try something new. Just hang around with us and you will catch on.