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Hi ladies!

I have been lurking for quite some time now and have decided to finally come out of lurkdome. My name is Janae SAHM to my 4 boys Chase, Trey, Layton, and Zander. I have been a paper scrapper but am thinking that I might want to start digi scrapping. I have NO clue how to go about it though. I have read the digi scrapping tips on the board and downloaded picasa (fun program). Unfortunately I do not know where to go from there. Any help would be much appreciated.

I look forward to getting to know you ladies and seeing all your fun, creative work. HOpefully I will be able to share some of mine as well.

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Hello! Glad to see you found us over here! We have a great group of ladies with a good variety of paper scrappers, and digi scrappers, and one's who do both. I like to do both, but I prefer paper. I hope to see your work on here soon! Biggrin

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I'm a paper scraper but I do digital pages every so often (just started this summer). Picasa is good for fixing pictures, but you can't really do a layout with it. Try the Gimp, it's free. Smile

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Your boys are adorable! Glad you decided to join us. Can't wait to see some of your projects! Biggrin

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Welcome! Can't wait to see some of your pages!

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Thank you for the welcome ladies!

Can anyone help me understand how to use GIMP? I have it on my computer but feel like my clue how to use it.

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Welcome, welcome, welcome!! So glad you joined us. Unfortunately, I only paper scrap, so have no words of advice on digi to help you out. There are so many incredibly talented Digi scrappers on here that could help you I'm sure though! We'd love to see pics of your work. You have some cuuuute boys. Smile