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Newbie Here!

Hi My name is Barb and I am hooked on scrapbooking. I started when DS was first born and I can honestly say i was pretty new to it and learned so much along the way.
I now love to Digitally Scrapbook more than paper and glue, only because DS is all over the place and always runs off with what I working with so its very hard!!
I would love join you all and do challenges!! I Love designing new pages!!

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Welcome! It will be wonderful to have you join us. I like your siggy pick with the green accents.

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Hey Barb!!! :giveflower: :wavehello:

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Hi Barb! Welcome!!!

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Hi Barb! Welcome to the board! I'm looking forward to seeing your pages!

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Hello and welcome!!

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Welcome to the board, I'm a newbie to.;-)

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It's good to have you - welcome to the board! It's a lot of fun over here.

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