newbie here...need advice

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newbie here...need advice

Hi ladies, my name is Robin, I am having baby #1 in Aug! It's a boy! I have never scrapbooked but would like to try! Where do I begin? What do I buy first? Where is the best place to shop for supplies? We have one of those Archivers stores pretty close.
Thanks for any help!

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Welcome to the board Robin. First I would go check out the sticky threads there is some great information there. I am guessing that you intend to paper scrap so I am not a lot of help but I know there are some great ladies here that will be offering you a ton of advice.

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Welcome! I do both paper and digital. If your going to paper scrapping then I would say you need an album, paper, pictures ;-), adhesive and embellishments. Or you could wait on the album and just start making pages. Smile

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I think the best way to start is get a scrapbooking kit. You can find them at Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, Michael's, or your local scrapbooking store. They usually come with an album, stickers, embellisments, and paper. All you have to supply is the pics! HTH!

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I think a kit is a great idea to start with, you will also need to get some adhesive. I started out with cardstock, stickers and pictures. I started buying patterned paper and embellishments later on.

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kits are definitely a great way to start.... as in previous post check out the sticky about paper scrapbooking.....

when i first started off i bought a paper cutter (definitely a must have) and different packs of colored cardstock. Journaling pens (acid free) are a must have as well since you don't want to use something that will ruin your pages. Some sort of adhesive you will need as well (the sticky post on paper scrapbooking can help you determine what is best for you)


Welcome and these ladies are awesome and very helpfuly... hope you enjoy

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Welcome! I do all digital now, so I'm not much help.

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Welcome, and congratulations!

I've had to buy things little by little, and I started out with the bare minimum.

At the very beginning, I bought an album, paper, adhesive, a paper cutter, Cutter Bee scissors, and that's it!

Since then I've gotten into things like brads, buttons, ribbon, scissors that cut cute borders, alphabet stickers, flowers, etc. I have a lot more fun with all the embellishments, but starting out simple was just fine, and financially, that's all I could do at the time.

I get my stuff at Jo-Ann or Michael's, and I only buy it if it's on sale, or if I have a 40% coupon.

Can't wait to see what you come up with - this is a fun board, and you will get lots of great ideas. Have fun!

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Welcome! I think a kit would be a great way to start! And Archivers is such a fun store! You could always catch somebody who works there and tell them you are just starting. I'm sure they'd show you where the basics are!!

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Welcome to the board and congrats on your first baby soon. I would start with a kit like the others ladies said. I did not start with a kit and it was quite an expense buying seperate paper and album and embellishments and along with tools I needed.

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Just wanted to say welcome, I'm all digital now too so I have no idea where to get paper scrapping supplies anymore lol.

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Welcome, it looks like you got some great advice so I don't think I need to add anything. Smile