newbie pics round 3 pic heavy

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newbie pics round 3 pic heavy

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Cute again Smile

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I love all the pages. TFS

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Still loving them!!

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Cute!! I have a question about the first lo, I have the same stickers and looked for the paper but never found it. where did you get it??? TIA

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I got the paper from a cute little store in Enumclaw, WA. I bet you could find it online though. I forget the brand but it'll be on the stickers if you still have em.

Thanks for the compliments gals!

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Loving them!! Especially the first one. Too cute!

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love the colours and patterns you use!!! Smile

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i really like your pages, you do a fantastic job!!!

Love them.

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great pages!!! i like your labor one!

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Looking good! You do a great job. They all look great!