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Hello everyone, my name is Nikol. I am from the July '07 board and was happy to be told to come and visit the Scrapbooking board for advice! Smile I am so glad to see a Scrapbooking board!

So here is my question......I read the very nice information that is posted about getting started with Digital Scrapbooking and it was very helpful. My question is, do you all think that I really need to buy a nice program or can I use any photo editor and then just do the downloads? Right now I mainly use Irfan View to crop my pictures. I was going to just start downloading and see what happened, but thought that I would ask for your advice first.

Thanks so much in advance, I can't wait to get started!!! Smile

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My program is just a simple program called Microsoft Picture It Express. I don't think you need a fancy program. Mine was free! HTH! Biggrin

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I also use the Microsoft program. I don't think you should spend much money to get started. Later, if you get really involved, then you could buy a nice program. When you are just starting, a photo editing program should work Smile I'm so glad you found us. Welcome!

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I don't do digital but wanted to say hi and welcome to the board