newbie with software question

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newbie with software question


I am brand new to digital scrapbooking. A quick online search revealed that Polaroid My Memories Suite was rated number one for scrapbooking software on the top ten review site. HOwever, I have also read that pages done with many of digi software programs tend to be "cheesy," and I would be better off with something like photoshop elements.

Does anyone have any opinions about the polaroid software and how it compares to something like PSE?

thanks so much!!! Kristine

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I have honestly never even heard of it. A lot of digi scrappers use PSE or PS. Some of the girls here also use Picture It, Microsoft Digital Image Suite, Corel Draw, powerpoint, and others I probably can't recall the names of.

If you're wanting to design your own pages, PSE is a great program, it supports layers (essential for digi-scrapping) and PNG files (the majority of what you'll find online for digi-scrapping supplies). It's also relatively inexpensive as compared to Photoshop.


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I found that some of the actual "scrapbooking programs" don't support .png files, which is absolutely necessary to really get into digital scrapping and branch away from the graphics that come with the program. I used Scrapbooking Factory for a while, which is a great program, but it did not support .png files and I switched to Microsoft Digital Image Pro which I love and is similar to Photoshop (not quite as advanced but MUCH cheaper).

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I'm a paper scapper but wanted to say welcome Biggrin

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I use Paint Shop Pro and it works great. It supports layers and png files. I have found that I am able to do everything I need to with this program and I believe it is even less expensive than PSE, although I am not certain.

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I use scrapbook factory deluxe 4.0 and love it!!!