Newbie... sort of!

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Newbie... sort of!

Hi there! I am new to this board, but not to and new to digital scrapping, but I've done several regular ones. I just found out about digital scrapbooking and I am going nuts right now downloading things! I thought I would pop in and introduce myself instead of just lurking around. I am so excited about this! Hopefully I can take some pictures of some of the pages in my books and show you soon. Hope it's okay to hang out here some!

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I was doing the same things as you when I found out about digital scrapbooking, lol. I'm to this board also but I wanted to say Welcome!

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Welcome to the board - I'm excited to see your work!

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Welcome Carrie!!!

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Hey Carrie!!!!!!!!

Welcome! I can't wait to see your pages of Scout!

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:D:DHello and Welcome!

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Welcome! Digital scrapbooking is great. You will have so much fun. I love it and it is so much easier to do with a LO underfoot. Smile I'm glad you are here.

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I'm a little late but wanted to say hi and welcome to the board