Newby - First post of LO's

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Newby - First post of LO's

Hi guys! I've been lurking for a while now but I've decided officially de-lurk myself. I've been scrapping since I was young but just really got into it again a couple of years ago after a couple of years of non-scrapping. Anyways, I have a certain style that all my pages follow but I want to get more creative with my scrapping. I want to do more with the actual photos then just using the standard 4x6 print. I also want to journal a lot more than I do. We're having our first baby in September so I'm trying to catch up before then. I've been scrapping like crazy lately. Here are some LO's I did this weekend:

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You've got some great pages going on! My pages always tended to look the same... then I started looking at pages people posted online and that helped.. now I really like searching for scrapbook layouts (sketches). Maybe that will help you to do some different things with your photos and pages too. Can't wait to see more!! (Isn't it great how having a baby gets you motivated to scrap!) Smile

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GREAT LOs! I love your Halloween ones. I tend to do the same LOs, unless I have a scrapping magazine in front of me or the net! Lol I have to have something to look at! TFS! Can't wait to see more!

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Hello and nice to meet you! Glad you stepped out of lurkdom! TFS your beautiful work with us! I love that second LO...the Boy and His Boxer. The journaling actually enhances the whole page and I love the pp!!

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welcome!!! glad you decided to de-lurk yourself. Wink I like your pages, they look great!!

I tend to work mostly with 4x6, but I crop most of them. very few of my pages have an actual 4x6 size print on them. I also like to get 5x7 prints and crop them too.

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hi and welcome!!! we love new members Smile

you have some great layouts--can't wait to see more

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Your pages are great!! I have a tough time too w/ working w/ my photos. Glad you came out of lurkdom!!! Welcome!

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Well, it looks like you did plenty of journaling on those pages, so you are off to a great start Smile I like them. It is great that you are getting caught up so that you will have lots of time to devote to baby layouts Lol I really like the boy and the boxer page.