newest daycare layouts (3)

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newest daycare layouts (3)

I made these on the weekend for the daycare scrapbook Smile

(for anyone new-ish to the board, I only have permission to show 2 of the 7 kids' faces so most of them are blanked know what's funny is that I haven't even asked the other parents really....I just don't want to ask them and then have them lurking all the time and then I feel like I can't vent about the daycare dramas if I need I keep this board secret from them as best as I can. lol!)....

the bunny is from Everyday Paper Dolls...I had to get Wayne to put the little tail on because cotton balls make me gag if I touch them. LOL! I am so random Wink

(I THINK I cut the scissors and crayon from A Child's Year)

I like how this one turned out Smile The cuts are from Everyday Paper Dolls...which is my fave cart ever :D...oh and I can't remember which the font is from....ACY?? I think so...I will look if anyone needs to know.

Have to wake the kiddos up now. Will post more stuff I have done later! TFL! Smile

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I totally love that bunny!! How cute! (and I'm laughing just a little at you and your phobia). Wink

I love the cuts you used on your pages. They all look great!

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I really love the Easter one, however they are all so great! THat is funny about cotton balls. You do such fun stuff with them, I bet they all just love you guys! Smile

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I wish I could see them Karen, but I am sure they are GREAT! I had to giggle at your cotton ball comment though!

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Your gagging to cottonballs is like my DH's gagging to boiled eggs. Thank goodness for your DH coming to your rescue! I absolutely LOVE that first LO. Are the eggs (which made me think of DH) brads? They are absolutely adorable, especially how you placed them!