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newest digi LO

I haven't started any paper pages since I got back, b/c I don't have any pics yet! :-? I need to make a special trip to Wal-Mart soon! I even bought some new things for my paper scrapping while on vacation!

So instead, I have been doing a few digi LOs. I made my new siggy, my summertime LO, and this new one. I am addicted to downloading new things! Biggrin

Thanks for looking! This is my very first page to make with just one pic. I wanted to use this background, but the pic was too bright for it, so I used the antique stuff I downloaded to make it look like that. What do you think?

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Love that "antiquing." It looks amazing!

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I'm going to steal that quote! So beautiful! Thanks for sharing that with us Sadie.

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Wonderful page & I ditto the quote stealing! It's a great one!

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OOOH That is a powerful page, great pic too! What a cutie

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that is great!!! love how you made it look antique-y!! Smile you and digital.. get along great Wink

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Great layout and love the quote! You also did a wonderful job on the siggy, I love it!

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Cool! I love the antiquing - made the picture match the background perfectly!

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WOW Sadie! I really-really like it!!
and I'm also stealing the quote..(o:

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Very lovely, missy! Love the antiquing.