Newest pages from me!

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Newest pages from me!

My newest pages, finally got them uploaded to photobucket.

I tried to be sweet...
You loved your cupcake so much on your 1st Birthday. At first you didn’t know what to do with it, but after you tried it, you loved it!

Day in the life
Kaitlyn, all of these pictures were taken within a couple weeks of you turning one year old. you’re such a busy girl! You love playing, eating, army crawling and cuddling with the people that you love.
It seems like we take too many pictures sometimes but we still haven’t been able to show a full day of what you do as a 1 year old! Mommy & Daddy love watching you grow!

And this one is for the motion challenge:
Kaitlyn, when you first started crawling at 10 months old, you wouldn’t crawl on all 4’s, you would army crawl, rolling yourself from side to side to gain momentum. At 13 months old you still won’t crawl on all 4’s, but you could probably rival most military personnel in your army crawling skills!

All images linked for credits. TFL!

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1. Love *love the circles! They make this page really flow.

2. That is definitely going in my lift folder!!! Kayson's name even starts with a K, so I can copy it a lot. Wink

3. Love how you journaled on top and bottom of the photos. The design rocks.


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love love love for all three!! WTG! Biggrin Maybe I should make a K page to go with all my childhood pages...hmmm....

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Can ou do a tut for the K page??? I would love to learn how to do that!

I love all of them, as usual!

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"InspiredHeartDesigns" wrote:

Can ou do a tut for the K page??? I would love to learn how to do that!

I love all of them, as usual!

I know how to do it, but I used a template (from Meredith Fenwick at 2peas). I will do a tutorial on how to do it though! Smile Good idea!

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I'm not even sure what to say. I'm so impressed with these pages. Amazing!

The first page is so cute. I really need to start using photoshop so I can type on a curve. I love that feature. Your pictures are adorable and the overall layout came out perfect.

The Year in a life page is amazing. There are so many fantastic things on it. I love your wordart on the left and the pictures in the K is so cool!

Your rolling page is great too Smile

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Love the K, I might have to scraplift that one!!!

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those are really nice. I really dig the circles. and the day in the life is cool! did you do all of that yourself? very cool! (I never click for credits Wink And I really like your motion layout too. You really do such nice work, I'm glad you always share with us. Great inspiration!

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"coolmama72" wrote:

did you do all of that yourself?

Nope - template for a CT I'm on. I know how to do it, but it's pretty time consuming! LOL

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Beautiful Trina. Those first two templates rock! I was all excited about the K one and went looking for one with C, but 15 bucks is quite a pretty penny. Especially when I know I would never use it as like an alpha because of the work involved. Look forward to your tutorial though, maybe I can make my own. A 'T' would be simple, but a 'C' might be more challenging.

I love the colors you used on the first layout. That yellow really pops out. And I love the way you used the paper blocks on the bottom of the crawling page. That's a really good idea.

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Those are super Trina! That page with the "K" is soooo cool! I lifted it too, and plan to try to do it sometime in the future!! So cool!! TFS

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LOVE the "K" page!!!!

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LOVE the first page!!!
the title is great!

love how you made the K outta pictures also!

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They are all great, but I LOVE that K page. I wonder if I could be brave enough to try something like that in paper...ha, yeah right Lol

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I can't explain to you how much I love seeing your work. You always inspire me to do more. Biggrin

I love the wrinkled paper on the first one and how you did circles. I SUCK at circles, so I always stick with boring! The 2nd one is just amazing. I would have never thought to do something like that, but now I just have to! I could do a "R" for Randy (when he gets here) and Ruthie together! Thanks for the idea! Wink The third one is just precious. I love your journaling.

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Wow these are great! I love the K - thanks so much for sharing! I just downloaded the W version from 2-peas - definitely worth the .99! It would take f-o-r-e-v-e-r to do that myself! Smile

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Great work as always Trina!

I love how you did the K on the second one

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I love the circle journaling on the top one. The K is just awesome. I like how you spaced the journaling on that one too!

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I love the K!!!
I wish a C would fill the page as nice.. .there would be a huge hole in center kinda blah!!!

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I love the "K" page as well!!! I can't wait to see your tutorial on it! Feel free to do a "C" or a "B". ROFL