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I have had no desire to scrapbook. Which SUCKS because I have tons new scrappy paper and stuff. If any one finds my MOJO can you send it back?

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I'll keep an eye out for it. Wink

Sorry! Have you tried browsing online galleries? That usually helps My Mojo to find her way home.

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I tend to shop for stuff when I have no mojo or can't find time to scrapbook. Ugh, it can be bad. I should be receiving something in the mail soon though. LOL Sorry I'm no help....I'm just not finding time to be able to do it. Sad

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I hear ya. I totally lost my MOJO toward the end of my pregnancy and during the first few months after Conner was born. But I agree with Charys, browsing online galleries always helps to get me inspired.

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Browsing this website really keeps me going. I am always trying to do stuff similar to what I see on here. Never quite make it, but it keeps my mojo with me.

Good luck girl!

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I lost my mojo when I was pregnant as well, but it came back about 4 weeks aftrer birth!

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LOL part of my problem is my daughter has been hoggy my scrap table! OMG she is a in a card making frenzy!

She is seven and has all her own scrap stuff. Except she shares my ATG gun.

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i usually browse

its very inspiring (as are many of the other websites and the ladies on here)

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Okay I will post my idea's thread today. Hopefully it can get you going.