not glued down yet but wanna see what I made?

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not glued down yet but wanna see what I made?

I'm not gluing it down cuz I'm using these for another page.....just wanted to show you something......................







YAY!! I only got a bog-standard one cuz I had no idea the middle of the road one was $400!!! LOL! So we got the original one for $ doesn't do all the same sizes but I'm fine with that. The best part was, Wayne sat there and looked through it all with me for ages and we kept cutting different stuff out together and trying different things out. that made it even more fun Biggrin It of course only came with "George and basic shapes" but Wayne said if he can have the same amount of money for something he wants ($300 or so total) then I can get a cartridge from michael's today too ! YAHOO! So we're off there soon Smile We don't have this to spare all the time by any means but we got lucky in that we are getting our electrical deposit back in a couple days ($300) and we are way ahead on Christmas shopping due to finding some AMAZING yahoo!!! Biggrin And Wayne knows me VERY well too cuz while we were paying he goes "I know...I'm gonna have to take a pic of you hugging the machine so you can scrap that too right?" LMAO

oh! And before I go, I made this card for one of my best friends the other day but forgot to post it. Sarah gave me that background paper...I am SO in love with it. I made sure to keep most of it for a page I can keep. lol Thanks hunnie!:D

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You are going to have sooo much fun!

I love that he was excited too. My Dh understands but doesn't really 'get' it:)

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YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're so clever telling us like that!!! Smile LOVE It!!! I'm soooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Woohoo! That's awesome. That's so great that Wayne understands too! lol

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thats the coolest sign you have ever made!! ROFL thats so awesome that you got one!!! get your carts on ebay!! cheapppp!! that is, if you can wait 3 or so days to get them in the mail!! LOL im so glad you got one!!

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I am so excited for you!!!!!!!! That is so neat that he also thinks it is cool cause then it just makes it more fun!!! You deserve it and I was lmao at the way you told us!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!

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I chuckled with how you told us. Smile You'll have fun with it. That is neat that Wayne sat with you going through it and cutting different things.

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that's awesome! and I love how you shared the news. and Wayne is so cute for suggesting you hug it.

I like the card, that IS great paper!

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Congrats on your new toy! You are going to love having it!

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i can't believe him! When we went to Michael's to buy ONE, they were on sale for $59 (down from the highest at $119)...I said "whoa half price! Awesome! Now we can put the extra towards something else!" He goes "or you could just by two!...actually, if you want, you can take another $60 out of the money I was gonna have and buy 3!" LOL! I said no way and was trying to figure out which to get (one I could use for my own layouts and cards as well as for the daycare)...he liked the ones I liked and then took two out of my hands and went for the checkout saying "bring one up yourself too." Biggrin I really didnt want him spending his own money but he says he should have to pitch in since it's for the daycare too...which is sorta true I guess Wink LOL
So I got "Stretch Your Imagination", "A Child's Year" (which is the main one I wanted), and "My Community"....LOVE them!! Off to play with them now! :D:yahoo:

ETA I know $120 each is rediculously expensive and I can get them a lot cheaper on sale lol. Even $60's a little high but I had to have a new one today. lol

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awesome!!! you got one Biggrin you will love it. Can't wait to see some creations (Especially from stretch your imagination...that cartridge looks awesome). I forgot you are in first when I saw your cartridge prices I was like WHAT? Haha, silly me!

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That's awesome Karen! I'm excited for you. I DO NOT pay full price for carts. You can get 2 for the price of one or less on custom crops, oh my crafts, or ebay.

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Yay Karen!!! THat is so great!!! So happy for you and looking forward to seeing your work with it!!

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wahoo girl!!!! cant wait to see what you make with your new toyyyyyyy

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YAY!!!!!! Have fun. It is a great new toy!!! Smile

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How exciting!!!!

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A Child's Year is amazing!! It has sooooo many cuts!!! my friend has it and I was just amazed at all the things it can do. You picked some GREAT carts out!! woohoo!