not much at all!!

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not much at all!!

But since this is ALL I've done in the last couple weeks...thought I'd share anyways.

this was for DH...his birthday was last monday.

I know, pathetic really, but I missed posting. Biggrin LOL!

Sorry I've been so sporadic around here. Life just keeps getting busier and busier...or so it seems. My internet time is cut to just a few minutes a day. :/ I read every single post and love them all though! xo miss you girls!!

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Those are great! I love the lighthouse. Which cart is that from? Nice touch on shading the rock.

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I too am totally digging the lighthouse. It's a sweet card for hubby though. Smile
I miss ya too.

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very cute Smile

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"MinaAriel" wrote:

Those are great! I love the lighthouse. Which cart is that from? Nice touch on shading the rock.

Life's a Beach. Thank you for the compliments!

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Those are both very cute Charys! I bet Scott loved that card too. TFS and I miss you too!!

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Great cards! i really love the lighthouse one!

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I love the card for Scott!! Sooo sweet!! And, I miss you!!

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love the cards! the one for Scott is precious. Smile

I hear ya on the busy life. but I sure miss you!

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I miss you around Charys, you are always bring such a happy vibe to every thread. Both cards are lovely. The one for your husband is so sweet and the lighthouse one is just stunning.

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I miss you too! I hope life settles down and lets you scrap for a little while. Smile

The lighthouse card is beautiful! I love it! And DH's birthday card is so sweet.

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Those are great!!!! I also love the lighthouse. I hope you get some more scrapping time soon! Smile

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great cards hun. So clean cut and they look terrific Smile

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I really love that lighthouse card! And it sucks when life gets in the way, eh? lol

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I just love the lighthouse card. It is cute and the colors are bright. Glad you are doing something, even if it is small.

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Can't see the pics, but know I am thinking about you! I understand the time deal. We all do. Wish I could see your stuff so I can get inspired! Wink Miss ya! How are you feeling? I can't even read your blog here. Sad

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Both are so cute!