notecards and final centerpieces

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notecards and final centerpieces

I made these cards quickly for my mom tonight. She wanted a pack of thank yous or note cards for her bday...I think she was jealous that I made a set of thank yous for both my grandmas for Christmas. So, I sketched out an idea that came to me before bed the other day...and tonight I put them together. Of course, I bundled them up with ribbon before taking a pic :oops: 3 are pink cards with blue paper for the bird stamp (as pictured) and the other 3 are blue cards with pink paper for the stamp. Her birthday isn't until November, but I wanted to surprise her, since she always does so much for me.
Wrapped up in ribbon

Moved the ribbon to see the entire front detail

and here is the final version of the centerpieces that I finished. I did move the "it's a boy" up higher...

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The centerpieces came out great. Way to go. I love them.

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What a neat idea to give cards as a gift. They are adorable. And the centerpiece is darling too. TFS

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What a good idea to make thankyou notes. Love how the centerpieces came out!!!!!!!

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Those notecards are so cute. I think the centerpieces turned out great! When is the shower?

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The cards are so cute and the centerpiece is too cute also! Great job!

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The centerpieces turned out great!!! I love the idea about the cards. My Mom has been trying to get me to do that for her for years. I should start now. Wink