November/December Preg LO

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November/December Preg LO

Here are a few more LOs that I did for my pregnancy scrapbook: (most of it is journaling that I took from my online journal)

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What great LOs! Makes me wish I had kept a journal of my pregnancy. This will be such a special book!

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Those are so neat. I wish I had started scrapping earlier and done something like this. I wrote a journal but it's not something I'll probably ever share with Patrick.

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These are AWESOME!!! And ditto about wishing I could have done something like that!

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Wow, that's terrific! I love all the journaling.

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That is so sweet! I wish I was as dedicated to journaling as you are! They are great pages, and I am sure she will love to read all of it!

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What an amazing keepsake! Such a wonderful idea and I love the "papers" you chose.

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that is so neat how you're preserving the memories of your pregnancy. I only kept a journal for one pregnancy (my 3rd), which I lost most of during a computer conversion. so I'm envious of your records of this exciting time.

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Wow, that is really cool. Very neat idea to scrapbook/journal through your pregnancy. Looks Great!!!!! Smile

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This is a great idea! I wish I had kept track of my thoughts during pregnancy more.

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These are gorgeous LOs, and I love the fonts you chose, especially on the first LOs.

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Great lo's, I thought I would let you know I found 2 spelling errors, its on the lo that starts out Dec. 22, 2006... One is where it says Baby is measuring about 3 inches from the op of its head to its bum... and then a few lines down it says he somewhere but it looks like you meant the

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Awesome, awesome pages and journaling. I love the fact that you kept up with so much! Biggrin