O SERA!!! (sera22)

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O SERA!!! (sera22)

any update on when your little one is going to arrive??? I noticed your ticker today and its getting very close!!! Please KUP

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Awww, thank you so much for asking! Biggrin Well, 6 more days, but my doctor said she'd be surprised if I make it to my due date (gosh, I hope she's right!)

My last appt. was on Tuesday, and I was 2 cm dilated and 95% effaced. I've gone from 60% to 80% to 95% each week, so the doc thinks if my body keeps up the way it's going, I'll go pretty soon.

I'm still feeling good - just getting tired and definitely feeling the extra weight I'm lugging around. I am SO ready to meet my baby girl, but sometimes it feels like I will be pregnant forever - it's still so surreal that I will be holding her in my arms in a few days!

I will definitely post some pics of her cute little self once she's born, and once I post the birth story on my birth board, I'll include a link for anyone who wants to read it.

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Oh how exciting!!! Another Kayley! Keep us posted!

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Oh yes! We will be so excited to see pics and all! Wow!

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Oh boy! I can't wait to see pics! KUP! Biggrin