oh dear lol (ot but funny)

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oh dear lol (ot but funny)

So this is what happens when you are part of Wayne's imposing, crazy family....last summer we said to ONE nephew that he could come stay with us while he looked for work (he wants to immigrate here from England like Wayne has)....he would need a criminal record check since we run a daycare from home but that's pretty much it...we explained we have lots of rooms but no actual spare beds so we could get him a little second hand bed or even an air mattress if it's a short stay...that was months and months ago and we have heard nothing since...
Wayne's sister just messaged me (they always come to me instead of Wayne lol) and said they found flights for the equiv of $800 return each including taxes etc...which isn't too bad at the moment...so I wrote back saying good deal and asking when he thought he was coming....it isn't for him she says.....she says it's her, Wayne's dad, another sister, a BIL, and 2 teenage kids coming..at the end of May and they are ready to book. LOL!! And asks where they will all be sleeping. LOL! Ummm...pardon? How cheeky is that?? lol! When I went and told Wayne he almost cried. I can't stop laughing. lol....What do they even think we can do with them when we have 7 daycare kids here all day Monday to Friday? Honestly, if I didn't find this so funny I would be crying too. Wayne's currently stood on the balcony trying to figure out how to tell them not to come. lol...they are so crazy...who just TELLS someone that many people are flying in to stay with them when they run a daycare from home and don't have a single spare bed?? Maybe they can sleep on the kids nap mats. Bahahahahaha... honestly, I have so many stories like this about them...hilarious. Dirol

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OMG! I would be freaking out! I guess it's nice they want to visit you but really, do they think you run a B&B? Hope you find a tidy solution!

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That SOOOO sounds like something my MIL would do. She's English too (well American now but English by birth).

I hope you get it all figured out and I'm glad you can keep your humor about you with it.

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Oh my!!! I would be calling them quickly before they book a flight!

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oh gosh Karen!!! Are you serious? Yes, I'd call them asap and just explain that you have NO spare beds, no extra room and take care of 7 kids. You may even go further by giving them the numbers to local hotels...that way it sounds like you are welcoming them, and have gone the extra mile to see that they are comfortable. Wink

LOL, glad you are laughing about it. I'd be freaking about now.

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I only laugh because I am so used to them now. lol. (I used to not be able to stand them...now I just laugh Wink ) ..I mean, these are the same people that tried to plan what I was wearing to my own wedding...and DEMANDED I wear a veil because "that's the way everyone does it. Tiaras are for princesses." hahahaha... I think they got the point there when Wayne and I stood up and walked out of the restaurant. lol

Wayne tried calling and there was no answer so he is trying late tonight when it will be their morning time to try to catch them before work. We live on the island for pete's sake...we can't even fit all those people in our car even IF we had the energy to go over on the almost 2 hour ferry ride, an hour or so drive to the airport, and back..and then again on the way back. Wayne said his sister is the type to say "we'll just book it and figure it out later"...:rolleyes: They're just crazy. lol...I will let you know how this ends! But I guarantee it's not going to end with a bunch of in-laws sleeping all over my house while I'm trying to work! haha

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OH MY GOSH, what are they thinking!?!?!

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that's NUTS!

well, if they have $800/person to spend on tickets, then surely they have the money to rent an apt for their stay. I imagine that would be cheaper than a hotel.

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Do you know what is so crazy, when I had that dream about you I saw you in your kitchen and wayne was there with this crazy sister who was trying to take over everthing you were doing. Then all these people showed up that were just nuts. I did not want just say hey, does Wayne have a crazy family?? However after you posted this I had to say something.
ps. in the dream his sister and her son moved in your house for good:eek: LOL
Hope you guys set them straight Smile

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Wow!! Tha's crazy!! I hope this ends well for you Karen.

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Holy cow. Maybe they think you'll shut down for a week? :shrug: Sometimes people just don't think. I too am glad you are laughing b/c I would be crying. Hopefully you'll figure something out.

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You handled that better than I would have. I am sorry but for them to say where are we staying. I would have written back, whatever hotel you decide to stay at. I hope you are able to talk to them and explain. I mean that is a lot to ask for anyone let alone someone who runs a daycare out of their home.

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*anxious for an update*

Hope they came to their senses!

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I'm laughing with you! I find it hilarious. I hope DH handles it well.

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well it isn't much of an update but it's something. lol...they've not booked but are still wanting to book this Friday for now the beginning of May. Now it's only supposed to be one sister, one nephew, and Wayne's Dad...they begged Wayne on the phone and said they will sleep on air mattresses downstairs and go out and about all day every day. haha. (yeah right ;)) ....And like I'm gonna make a 77 year old man sleep on an air mattress! lol...now that they are asking politely and not assuming, I honestly don't really care if they stay here (though no more than 3) as long as they keep away while I'm doing daycare stuff. We would just get Wayne's dad a bed and then air mattresses for the other 2....the reason I wasn't so bothered was because (apart from when he HAS to be here for me to take J to kindergarten), I don't care if he goes places with them during the day...7 isn't THAT bad. and they can come to the park daily with us and the kids cuz it really is beautiful here....but Wayne really doesn't want anyone but his dad coming, who shouldn't fly on his own...I can just see him ending up in the middle east or something accidentally. lol....so we shall see! I will let you know when I know more. Wayne talked to his sister for over an hour and said he would talk with me again tonight and phone her back tomorrow to let her know.