Oh Gwen....

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Oh Gwen....

Remember those pictures I said I was going to post, like a week ago?! Well, here they are!

I recently decided to devote a corner of my basement to my scrapbooking and built myslef this high-tech, fancy desk

I bought a paper organizer and some other fun organizing things since this picture was taken so it looks alittle better now.

And here are some of my more recent pages. most of them are half done only because I have trouble coming up with titles or journaling

The title on this one says "oh, that face!" in little star letters

I know this one needs a title or something, but I am struggling!! It was one of the first times he grasped a toy so it was an important picture and you would think it wouldn't be this hard to do!

Yep, this one needs something else too!

I need to get a small McDonalds fry pouch to finish this page!

I want to title this one"Just hanging out" but I need to find the right letters

I just bought the letters for this one, Its gonna say "Big Bed, Bitty Baby" and the words are going to share one big "B"

Wait....a picture of a finished page...thats wierd Smile

and another one...WOW!

I know its a lot but I have been adding them and not posting them! Please feel free to C&C on any of them, and suggestions for my "naked" spots would be awesome too!!

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Great lo's!!! I love your scrap space!

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LOVE your scrap space!! I'm on a mission this fall/winter to set up something similar..so little hands cannot get into my stuff;) I love my digi scrapping, but I do miss my paper.
Your pages look great. Maybe for the holding the toy page, you can just put what month it was? I suck at titles..sorry..
On the baseball one, the pic of DH and DH and Kaden really stand out good with the black mat behind it...maybe the other pics need some as well?

BTW..You take awesome pics and Kaden is handsome as ever..:D

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Those are great LOs. In order for me to think of decent titles, I lay in bed all night long thinking of some. :rolleyes: Crazy huh? I like your scrapbooking space. I would give anything for one like that! I think I would need a bigger table though! Biggrin

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Beautiful layouts! And what a cool scrapbooking space.

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yeah Charlotte!!! love your corner (can't wait to show you mine on Friday when you're here). and those are some awesome pages! can't wait to see the finished fry page. and I love how you added the buttons to the bumbo page.

okay, for the rattle one, I'd call it "hands on" I don't know why, I just like that.

and for the baseball one, why can't you call it "play ball!" I know Kaden's not playing, but Daddy is. Wink

bring your paper on Friday and you can use my cricut to cut the title for the hanging out page. you can do it in the matching blue and red on the page. Wink

and I love the bitty baby page, that's so cute!! I so should do one like that for similar pictures I have of Andrew. Wink

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I'm super jealous of that scrap space!! And you did very well on those LO. Coming up with titles and journaling is my hardest part. It takes me all night sometimes. I will have a page completely finished (like you) and just need a title, but take a week to come up with it.