Oh now come on!

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Oh now come on!

I've been home on Spring Break all week and have not even stepped in my scrap room!!! My hands have bothered me so badly I just can't do anything. I wanted to do yard work and scrap this week and neither of which I have done. Here's the bad part: I've partly done it to myself. :mad: I've been treating my hands for arthritis b/c my doctor told me a few years ago that's what it was. I'm not angry with her, I just told her symptoms, family history, and she did no testing. It wasn't really that bad then.
So this week I have basically sat with a heating pad on my aching hands, wrists, and forearms and its gotten worse. Wednesday I sat and cried and DH insisted that I go to my doctor. She did bloodwork and xrays which showed NO arthritis and referred me to an orthopedic doctor. I went today & he says he's about 90% sure its carpal tunnel and all the heat I applied just caused more swelling (and even more pain... duh should have been icing). They fitted me for braces to wear at night b/c I'm having a hard time sleeping and gave me cortisone injections in both wrist. I go next week to have a nerve study done and then I'll know better and to what extent the nerves are damaged.

And now for the best part: I'M NOT HURTING, DH is going to be gone tomorrow and I hope to scrap most of the day if they will just cooperate. I'm so stinking excited to at least get one day during my week off to do something. I know, I'm a dork! Smile

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No you're not a dork!!!

So glad you actually got an answer to what is going on. Sorry that you had to deal with pain for so long and a misdiagnosis.

Hoping you get relief soon.
Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers

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you are so NOT A DORK!!!

I'm so glad it's not arthritis though. I'm glad they're not hurting, and I can't wait to see what you do tomorrow. Smile

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Glad you get to scrap tomorrow! I haven't been able to scrap since I started back to school (except the gift I made) so I'm jealous Smile

Glad it's not arthritis but I hope the Carpel Tunnel doesn't require surgery.

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That must be so miserable. What a bummer you haven't been able to do anything you wanted to over Spring break. I hope you'll be able to make up for it today now that you're not hurting.

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How awful that you were hurting during spring break. Sad But glad you found out what the problem was. Sorry girl!

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Waiting patiently to see your fabulous creations. Smile Glad to hear you are getting on teh right track to help for your pain girl.