Oh the Places You'll Go!

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Oh the Places You'll Go!

I found a new blog by a designer and won a free kit the other day! So, I had to do some scrapping. Wink

linked for credits

I'm also in big trouble... I've discovered scrapbooking forums. I knew they existed, but I'd never seen an actual forum... galleries, but no forums. I have a feeling I'll be posting there a lot soon! Lolhttp://www.gingerscraps.net/forums/index.php

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So pretty!! LOVE that LO!

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very nice!

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He he, forums can draw you in...

Great page.

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I really love the title on that page....it's so cute with the pics. Smile
LOL, oh no! Forums are addicting!! I've had to cut back all my posting on forums, or I'd never get on here. Wink

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really love the way you've put this one together. Great layout:D

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thanks, all!

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I thought I commented on this. I love this. So cute Scout! Well done!

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Great page! And uh oh about the forums lol I'm addicted to the SO ones just as much as I am the PG.org ones! Actually, a few of the games I started on our bb I got from there ... lol

And just a note - funny you mention gingersnaps, I just found that site today!

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oh, I love this page!

and don't you go leaving us for another forum!