The oil guy

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The oil guy

So the oil guy just came to fill up our tank. Well he comes in so I can pay him and says... Oh, do you run your own buisness out of here:ROFL: I was like no, this is just my stuff and smiled. His eyes got real big and he was like oh, so this is all just for you to scrapbook?? I said yes and he was like wow, .
I was laughing, maybe the porch is a bit much lol! Oh well Smile I will never tell dh that

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That's HILARIOUS Tia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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ROFL You are too funny!

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ROFL too cute...

It's never too much Smile

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That is funny! Where do you live again? Just curious, I haven't heard of people having oil delivered to their house in awhile (I'm assuming it's for heat and such?)

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I live in Wi but my house is very old. It is all remodeled but the basement still has the creepy oil thing. Oh and yes, it is for heat Smile

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Yeah, better keep that one to yourself. HA!!